Motion In Our World

Motion related technology is constantly changing and has advanced significantly over the years through the contributions of many.


Lesson 1: Explore Canadian Innovations Related to Motion

Cut and Paste the following questions into a word document and use the website links below to answer
the questions. Answer the questions in your own words. Do not plagiarize.


1. Where did the idea for the Jolly Jumper come from?

2. Wheel chairs were not always accessible to the public; initially they were only used for what purpose?

3. What is the advantage of using an electric motor to change the pitch of airplane propellers?

4. What parts of the body are covered by a g-suit and why?

5. What were the two main problems with the rail snow plow? How were these concerns overcome?

6. Read over the history of the bicycle.

a) Identify how society influenced the direction and development of the bicycle.

b) How did the economy affect the development of the bicycle?

c) How has speed and safety changed over the years as the bicycle has developed?


    -Click here for a list of Canadian Innovations Related to Motion
    -Click here for the chronological advancements in bicycle technology


Lesson 2: Flag Drop Recording Linear Motion

          -Click here for a list of the Graphing Rules

Lesson 3: Aeronautics Calculating Average Speed


Lesson 4: Aerial Surveillance Calculating Average Speed


Lesson 5: Significant Figures Identification, Multiplication, & Division


Lesson 6: Introduction to Acceleration


Lesson 7: Vectors Combining and Identifying


Lesson 8: Shuttle Run Displacement, Distance, Average Speed, & Velocity


Lesson 9: Graphical Analysis Distance vs. Time Graphs


Lesson 10: Graphical Analysis Velocity vs. Time Graphs


Lesson 11: Exploring Different Graphs Drawn Over the Same Time Period