G Suit

As a cancer researcher at the Banting and Best Medical Research Institute at University of Toronto, Wilbur R. Franks developed an idea that resulted in the world's first 'anti-gravity suit or G-suit. Franks had noted in his cancer research that his test tubes often broke when subjected to severe centrifugal force. He had solved the problem by first inserting them in larger and stronger liquid-filled bottles.

In 1940, the anti gravity suit was first invented under the name Franks Flying Suit by Wilbur R. Franks and his colleagues at the Banting and Best Medical Research Institute at the University of Toronto. The suit was made with rubber and water-filled pads. It counteracted the effects of high G forces on aircraft pilots, which otherwise would cause them to black out; Franks Flying Suit was the first G-suit.

These suits were used during World War II and all G-Suits worn by airforce pilots.  Astronauts and cosmonauts around the world also wear suits based on his original designs. When testing his first prototype, Franks stated:

"The suit had been cut to fit me perfectly, standing up. . . . In the airplane I was sitting down, and when the pressure hit I thought it was going to cut me in two. The idea became practical only when we realized that great areas of the body could be left outside the fluid system." Wilbur Rounding Franks quoted these words after testing the g-suit. The g-suit is the best suit in Canada, but you can't use it!

A 'G Suit' is a special garment and generally takes the form of tightly-fitting pants, which fit either under or over (depending on the design) the flying suit worn by the aviator or astronaut. The pants are fitted with inflatable bladders which, when pressurized through a G-sensitive valve in the aircraft or spacecraft, press firmly on the abdomen and legs, thus restricting the draining of blood away from the brain during periods of high acceleration. It is designed to prevent a black-out and loss of consciousness due to the blood pooling in the lower part of the body thus depriving the brain of blood.

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