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Career Objective


  To utilize my experience in order to capture a learner's interest about science by means of his or her own initiative. I believe it is the realization and awakening of an indwelling curiosity within an individual that motivates him/her toward the subject of science. Topics within science range from life to the inorganic, the depths of the sea to the depths of space, the beginning of time to the indeterminate future. With such a wide array of topics to unveil, it is inevitable that I may spark a learner's interest about science in one aspect or another. Ultimately, my career objective is to be in a position where I may inspire the learner who lies within each one of us.






High School Diploma - Carlton Comprehensive; Prince Albert SK

Bachelor of Education - University of Regina; Regina, SK

Bachelor of Science - University of Regina; Regina, SK

  My Bachelor of Education was completed in the summer of 2000 with a Chemistry Major/General Science Minor. The following year I completed my Bachelor of Science with a Major in Chemistry. Once I moved back to Regina, I took more Physics classes opening the opportunity for accreditation in that subject as well. I also hope to enter the Masters program in Education soon. Although I am not enrolled in any classes at present, I believe education is a never-ending process. Each new day offers another opportunity to learn.

I am now accredited in Chemistry and Physics within the province of Saskatchewan.



Professional Development

Soccer Coach
     I have coached several minor league soccer teams in both Regina and Prince Albert. Responsibilities required of a coach include: the ability to establish self-confidence of individuals on a team, aiding in the development and refinement of specific skills, providing direction so team members may set goals, and implementing strategies that will lead to the achievement of those goals.
News Paper Production
    While I attended University, I also worked as a columnist, graphic producer, and editor. My involvement in the paper demanded development of outstanding time management and organizational skills. I am also adept in Adobe Photoshop (graphics) and Quark Express (layout).
    Courses in which I am certified include: First Aid, Project Wild, Project Wet, Project Soil, and Focus on Forests, Certificate in Safe Food Handling. I also have received my open water certification in SCUBA which brings another dynamic to the grade 9 science unit on fluids and pressure.


Experience Related to Classes Outside of My Major

  Fine Arts Experience
Woodshop Experience



Skills and Abilities


  Transferable Skills

Comprehension of the Adobe Photoshop program.

Comprehension of the Quark Express program.

Through this web-site I have developed an understanding of Microsoft FrontPage.

Experience with both Apple and IBM computers.

Proficient at typing

Skilled in the construction of classroom aids

Familiar with wood shop, armature carpenter, electrician, and plumber.

Eight years of Violin training, able to play percussion as well as rhythm piano and guitar.

Skilled in painting, sketching, photography, and several other fine arts.

Able to draw upon several experiences gathered while traveling throughout Europe.

Self - Management Skills



Good sense of humor that carries into the classroom

Highly respectful of others

Able to meet deadlines and stay atop the chaos that is synonymous with teaching.



Teaching Experience

  Internship: Campbell Collegiate

  Substitute Teaching: Regina Public School Board and the Regina Catholic School Board
  Teaching at ECS (Estevan Comprehensive School)

  All About Learning (Tutorial Service)

  Teaching at LHS (Lumsden High School)


Volunteer Experience


    - 11 years of volunteering at Black Tie and Blue Jeans for Dreams Take Flight of Calgary.
    - Former volunteer at SRIA (Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association).
    - Former volunteer at the SPCA.
    - Former volunteer at the Victoria Union Hospital.
- 5 year Member of the Regina Aboriginal Kin Club and current second vice-president.
- Spring Free From Racism committee member.
- Volunteer for Regina's premier cultural festival, Mosaic.
   Sitting member on the committee for the Aboriginal Peoples Pavilion.





  Letters written by fellow colleagues
    Colin Beverage - Cooperating teacher during internship.
    Jim Virtue - Junior science teacher at Campbell Colligate.
    Warren Wessel - Science education professor at the University of Regina.
    Justin Giesbrecht - Vice Principal at the Estevan Comprehensive School.
    Maurice Jago - Director of Souris Moose Mountain School Division #122.


  Open letter to Prospective School Boards, Parents and Students

Transcripts from the

University of Regina

Internship Placement





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